Humanities Warrior

I’ve been called a revolutionist,
A soldier, warrior of life’s struggles,
And a rebel with a cause…
A man who upholds his morals;
Opposes unjust laws and the
Discrimination of all…
One that gears up when the time is just
Ready to defend what I define.
Marked by scars of old battles
I’m committed to say the least.
The armor I carry
Won’t stop bullets nor spears

And the weapons of my choice
Are my trusty pen, mind and fist!!
For every one of my confrontations
Is a life and death situation
So losing isn’t optional,
Without really giving it my all.
For this battle I fight
Depends on the humanity of all. 


Ghetto Child

They call me a ghetto child
Because I come from the streets
The streets of dirt-filled roads
And homemade tortillas.
The sound of my speech
Has a funny ring
What´s with me adding a Spanish word
Every now and then when I speak.

We´re in thee America, they say,
Speak thy English!
As if I haven´t noticed,
With the big buildings and fancy cars.

The way I dress isn´t cool or hip,
It´s too raggedy they say.
But how else am I supposed to dress?
`Old School´they call it,
Too cheap and not enough bling bling.

Did they forget I´m a ghetto child?
I like the simple things.
Catch on, they say,
To which I reply:
There´s nothing to catch on to,
I´d rather be the ghetto child
That I am.
Living my simple life,
Trying to make ends meet.

That´s living poor, they yell,
But it´s the only way I know how to live
And I wouldn´t change it for a thing.

Ghetto child!! Ghetto child!!
There goes the ghetto child
Walking with his head held high and mighty,
Wearing the most raggedy things.

They chant and I smile joining in.
Yes, that be me!
Perplexed they stand
Not knowing what else to say
So I let them be, as I walk my streets
Living my life, as a ghetto child.
Yes, that be me!

Keep Envisioning

Look around you…
What do you see?
Do you see what I see?
Can you tell,
That you’re not alone.
That you can still hope
Beyond your wildest dreams.
Can’t you see it?
Really see,
That behind everyone’s eyes
There lies a grand dream.
You’re not the first
To have stopped wishful thinking
Or wishful hoping.
Everyone stumbles in this life.
Look around you.
We all bear our scars
But we continue on
Dreaming of a better world.
Can you see it now?
Then grab hold of your dream
For they really can become a reality.