My 7x6 cell

Four white walls
A stainless steel toilet
And a stainless steel door
A metal slab for a bed
This is my 7x6 cell
Where I am kept in solitary confinement
22 ½ hours, day in and day out
Year after year
Meant to keep my voice from being heard
Kept away from all human contact
Where I’m meant to be forgotten of
Isolation and seclusion is their goal
Losing my sanity is a plus.

Subjected to full body searches
Whenever I’m to leave my cell
Then and only then
Do I have the only physical contact for the day
With metal handcuffs and leg shackles I wear
That dig into my flesh
Leaving me deep embodied scars
That will forever be with me
Like tattoo tears .
This is my abyss
That I attempt to crawl out of
With the beauty I hunger for
Behind my 7x6 cell.

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