Sometimes I live in a world of self-denial
With a veil over my eyes
Obscuring every hideous and evil act
That occurs behind these prison brick walls
That I’ve come to despise!
Having embedded themselves into my flesh
Thus making me institutionalized.
Sometimes I remove that veil
Becoming one with this world…
And the reality of it is…it’s just too much!
I fear I’ll become like the very walls themselves
Stone cold heartless!
Sometimes I let myself daydream…
Of a better, more peaceful place
Where shackles, handcuffs and prisons
Don’t exist.
A world rid of hate and injustice…
Where I’m with the one I cherish…
And my freedom isn’t just in mental form.
Sometimes I just simply live
For my life has been one with many surprises…
Both good and bad.
Yet, I’ve managed to prevail thus far
But for now, I simply live my sometimes.

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