Manifesting the Obstacles

Metal fences, metal bars, metal doors, metal bunks,
Metal chains, metal handcuffs, metal stools,
Metal locks, metal sinks and metal toilets
Metal everywhere I look
In everything I touch.
Hard, cold, smooth steel,
Strong...and transitional metal. 
Stands solid and shines brilliantly.
Never thought that it would be my life. 
That if you cut me, I´d bleed metal molecules
But it´s true. 
It surrounds me, it consumes me!
And with due time, I became as smooth as it is,
As hard as it is and as strong as it is.
Standing solidly. 
In this cold metal steel world of mine,
Hoping to shine brilliantly
And radiate the joys of living 
Despite this life full of metal substances.

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  1. Wow! I followed the link to your blog from FB, and I'm stunned and surprised. you're obviously making the best, finding the best out of a cold, hard, steely reality. Thanks for sharing this. Tara