I´m more than

Sitting on death row
With no alternative means given
And nothing left to lose
But so much to give.
Can´t they see, I´m more
More than the monster
They´ve painted me to be?
I´m more than just another prisoner
More than a number
Thrown into this human death chamber
Without any consideration given.

I lay behind these brick walls
Awaiting for the executioner to arrive
Struggling to survive
Attempting to leave a piece of me behind
That´ll contradict all the negative things
That have been said about me
And remove the monstrous mask
That was welded onto me.

Maybe then, just maybe
They´ll see that I´m also human
Just like you
And not the monster they´ve depicted me as
So you´d fear me immensely.

That´s never been me
You´ll one day come to see.

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